The Reverend Jason S. S. Patterson,  Rector

Prior to coming to St. Mark's, Fr. Patterson was the Rector of St. Andrews Anglican Church (Asheboro, NC) and before that the Assistant Rector at St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church in Southampton, Pa.  He has been a member of the board of directors of the Prayer Book Society since 2005 serving as its Executive Director since February 2011.  His hobbies include fly fishing, photography, reading, kayaking, and gardening.    He and his wife, Sara, live in Jenkintown with their son David and a rambunctious dog named Caspian. 

The Reverend Jonathan Kell, Associate Rector

Fr. Kell is a native of Harrisburg, PA.  He has served as a deacon at Holy Trinity Reformed Episcopal Church (Fairfax, Va) since 2009 and was ordained priest in September of 2013.  He holds a Master of Divinity from the Reformed Episcopal Seminary and a B.S. in Bible from Philadelphia Biblical University.  Fr. Kell serves on the board of the Prayer Book Society, USA and on the Dean's Advisory board for Curriculum at the Reformed Epsicopal Seminary. For the past several years he has taught New Testament and Church History at Trinity Christian School in Fairfax, Va.  He and his wife (Annie) are expecting their first child in late November.


Bernard McGorrey III, Organist/Choir Master  Bernie McGorrey began taking "pops" organ lessons at 9 years old, starting a church organ career just before his 12th birthday playing for services at his local parish church.  Continued study and work in classical, pops, and jazz areas eventually led to lessons with Keith Chapman (head organist of the Wanamaker organ 1964-1989) while still in high school.  He then attended Temple University, earning a B.Mus in Music Theory/Organ Performance including organ and church music studies with Dr. J. Earl Ness and choral conducting with Gail Poch.  During this time he also gained familiarity with the design and construction of pipe organs by working for an organ-builder to help pay tuition.  Additional study followed in Theatre Organ arranging and technique with former Radio City Music Hall organist and recording artist Ashley Miller.  In addition to traditional church music, work in the past has included silent film accompaniment, theatre organ pops concerts, jazz & rock genres, professional sports events, and "piano lounge" music. Hobbies include woodworking, home maintenance, and restoring a small "Mighty Wurlitzer" pipe organ at home.

Theresa Profitt, Nursery School Director
Abigail Bullard, Treasurer
Bart Gingerich, Sexton

Vestry & Wardens

Thomas Caldwell, Rector's Warden
Fred Rodgers, Junior Warden
Phyllis Darrah, Secretary
Susan Ragonesi
Robert Maxwell
Bea Foedisch
Jose Sebastian 
Michael McTigue
John Antaya