Kindergarten-7th Grade

For nearly 50 years, St. Mark’s Nursery School has been nurturing and educating children in our community, preparing them to successfully begin Kindergarten. In the Fall of 2013 St. Mark’s Church began to build upon this solid foundation, by launching a half day Kindergarten class (9 am - Noon daily) - in the Fall of 2017 we will offer classes through 6th grade, continuing with our intentions to progressively add classes each year.

A Classical education is a very old pedagogical approach that has been tried and tested over many centuries.  By establishing this new school we are joining with the many other churches and families across this country who have come to regard the classical approach to education as a highly effect way of helping our children develop the tools that they need in order to be lifelong learners and to cultivate a love for truth, goodness and beauty and to develop wisdom and virtue.

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.”  (Proverbs 1:7)

There is no more enduring gift that a parent can give a child than a sound Christian upbringing, including a Christian education.  St. Mark’s Classical Academy endeavors to assist parents in this awesome calling, by providing an excellent educational foundation for children through utilizing the time-tested method of a classical education.  Our ambition is to help parents build strong families, to the greater glory of God and the good of the students. 

St. Mark’s Academy is a co-educational classical Christian school providing a rigorous academic training in the language arts, history, mathematics and sciences from kindergarten through 7th grade (progressively adding grades annually).


Our mission is to endow our children with the tools of learning, and the wisdom of the ages, by nourishing their souls with truth, goodness and beauty, so that they may serve God and their fellow man with virtue, dignity, and strength.


Our school is committed to providing the following to our students:

  • A worshipping community in which spiritual formation may flourish
  • Superb academics to prepare students to excel in future educational and vocational pursuits
  • Continual emphasis on integrity and humility through opportunities to serve our community
  • The experience of beauty in art and music to increase understanding of the world we share
  • An environment that fosters mutual respect, good manners and self-discipline


St. Mark’s Academy, in following the model of classical education, progressively nurtures its students through the three fundamental stages of learning: Grammar (foundational and informational skills), Logic (thinking and reasoning skills), and Rhetoric (integration and communication skills).  Our program is designed to help each child develop spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.  We are committed to the following principles:

  • The Classical View of Reality – Truth is objective and man is responsible to seek the Truth throughout his life.
  • The Nature of Man – A human being is a physical and spiritual unity, and education must reflect that truth.
  • The Wisdom of the Ages – Young scholars should be exposed to the finest minds in the history of the world and the great ideas that they discuss.

Because we recognize that the primary responsibility for the training of children belongs to parents, interwoven throughout the academic program are strong Christian family values of moral integrity, respect for self and others, and the cooperative effort of school and home.  At St. Mark’s our emphasis is not only on the three R’s of Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic, but also the three R’s of Respect for authority, Responsibility before God and man, and Resourcefulness in the execution of assigned tasks.  The St. Mark’s Academy motto is from Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.”


Every day at St. Mark’s begins and ends with a traditional Anglican prayer service, striving for the humility that lies at the center of wisdom.  Love for each other begins with love for God and the singular ethos of St. Mark’s flows from our corporate prayers.


St. Mark’s Academy is committed to providing a high-caliber staff of educators who embrace the philosophy and principles of Christian education and who are committed to the full integration of faith and learning.  We will maintain a low student-teacher ratio so as to provide an effective, personal learning environment.  In this setting our teachers act not only as instructors but also as mentors and Christian role-models.


The main subjects in each grade are language arts, history, mathematics, science, and foreign languages.  

In the early grades, grammar and composition are introduced incrementally.  The reading material is traditional in method and purposeful in content.  Christian authors and texts are used as much as possible.  The program emphasizes other traditional methods and subjects often neglected in schools today, such as phonics, memorization, recitation, penmanship, dictation, public speaking, pronunciation and reading aloud, and introductory logic.  Latin is introduced in the elementary grades.  Classical literature is taught starting in middle school.  


St. Mark’s School meets on the campus of St. Mark’s Reformed Episcopal Church:

1162 Beverly Road
Rydal, Pa 19046
(215) 884-7660

The Reverend Jason S. S. Patterson, Head of School & Rector, St. Mark’s Reformed Episcopal Church

Board of Advisors:

The Revered Walter Banek, Head of School - Good Shepherd School (Tyler, Tx)
The Reverend John Boonzaaijer, Head of School - The St. Timothy’s School (Dallas, Tx)
Mr. Stephen Hoopes - Headmaster, Christ Academy (Collingdale, Pa)
Mrs. Jana McCann - Member of St. Mark's Vestry & an experienced teacher in the classical tradition

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