Passover at St. Mark's Church 2016

Passover Seder - April 23rd at 5:30 pm. Come join us for the Passover remembrance that Jewish people have faithfully celebrated since they returned from exile in Babylon. One of the two great holidays of the Jewish calendar, it was ordained by the Lord in the Torah (in Leviticus 23 it is one of the Feasts of the Lord that God’s people were instructed to always keep). As disciples of Jesus, and servants of the same Lord, it is also a worthy celebration for us.  Passover is a family affair, so bring your family. For discisples of Jesus, it has an added richness. Come and find out what it is, and learn how to make Passover a celebration your family will want to make their own. If you plan to attend, kindly RSVP to


Why Music Matters - with Ken Myers


Ash Wednesday


Sukkot at St. Mark's Church

Please join us for a Fall Picnic: October 4th @ 4:30 pm, as we give thanks to God for his provision for us.

  • We will be eating outside in our own Sukkah with live music.
  • The main course will be provided - please sign up to bring a side dish!  
  • RSVP in Cranmer Hall or by writing: 

What is Sukkot & how might Christians celebrate it? 

 Sukkot (pronounced ‘sue-coat’) is a biblical feast of thanksgiving commanded by God to help Israel remember how he provided for their needs after the exodus from Egypt.  In the book of Leviticus we read that this feast was commanded by God as a “statute forever” (Leviticus 23:41) to thank God for his provision in the wilderness.

Celebrating this biblical feast gives us a unique opportunity to thank God for his provision for us in the past and to reaffirm our faith in him to provide for us today (giving us our daily bread) as well as in the future. 

This is also an occasion to thank God for his spiritual provision, for we were in a spiritual desert (i.e. dead in our sins!), but God provided living water for us through sending his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to suffer death on the cross that we may have "life in his name" (St. John 20:21). Thanks be to God for this great salvation!


The Feast of the Transfiguration - August 6th

Please join us for a service of Holy Communion at 9 am on  August 6th, in celebration of the Feast of the Transfiguration of Christ.